What Watch to Wear on a Date?

Finally, the answer is here! Montredo’s editorial team is on a mission to find out which watch to wear on a date. To this end, we surveyed 100 women, aged 20 – 39, for their opinions on watches that they would like to see on a man’s wrist. To make our results as representative as possible, we have included a wide range of watches from the all-time classics, like the Omega Speedmaster Professional and the TAG Heuer…

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4 Practical Considerations for Your Watch Acquisition

Admittedly the acquisition of an expensive watch is not usually associated with practical decisions making in and of itself. That is when measured by their mere functionality of telling time. These days, we regard time indicators as a standard bonus feature in electronic devices of any genre, rather than a primary function of a device that we should purchase and wear for the specific and exclusive purpose of measuring time. Yet, there are significant advantages,…

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