5 LUXURY BRANDS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2021 August 8, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

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Are you a fashionista with a high sense of style and taste for luxurious accessories? If yes then you

should at least own a few pieces from these world class brands. According to BrandZ top 100 most

valuable global brand’s 2020 report, here are the worlds 5 leading luxury brands.


On this 2020 survey, Rolex ranked 5 th on the chart. Rolex is one of the worlds most recognized luxury

watch brands. Rolex’s unique watch designs and quality is timeliness and makes it stand out

amongst its competition. If you haven’t got a Rolex piece then something is definitely missing from

your jewelry box. Shop an authentic Rolex watch today.


What have you heard about Italian fashion brands? Gucci is one of the oldest and most luxurious

Italian brands. Founded between 1920and 1921 by Guccio Gucci, GUCCI is best known for its

fragrances, leather goods and accessories etc. How many real Gucci outfits or accessories di you

have? Buy luxury brands with bitcoin like an original Gucci leather bag on bitluxuria.


Here comes one of the most iconic brands in the world “HERMES”. This is a French fashion brand

that stood the test of time and still stands out. Hermes is one of the most expensive and iconic

fashion brands in the world with very unique pieces. From female and male bags, shoes, dresses to

fragrances and accessories, Hermes is a must in the world of people who want buy luxury brands with bitcoin. what do you think about this exquisite Hermes bag?


Chanel is ranks 2nd on this list of luxury brands. The French brand that has ruled the worlds haut

couture for a very long time now is one of the most sort out fashion brands around the world. Did

you know that every 30 seconds, one bottle of Chanel #5 is sold? Check out Chanel #5 on our site

and other maleficent Chanel pieces.

1.Louis Vuitton

Making it to the top of this chart is non other than Louis Vuitton, the worlds most valued luxury

brand. According to BrandZ, Louis Vuitton is the sort out brand in the world and is valued at $52

billion. Louis Vuitton or LV is widely known for its original goods and its timelessness when comes to

fashion, style, innovations and trends. Guess you must have a few LVs in your closet or home. We

have some authentic LV shoes and bags you might like.

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