5 MUST HAVE JEWELRY FOR THE MODERN WOMAN 2021 September 14, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Are you a jewelry collector or just wear some once in a while? Well, its doesn’t matter how large or small your crypto jewelry box is, there are some basics pieces which a modern-day classic woman should possess. Out of a handful of some these jewelries, we selected 5 simple but classy pieces that will change your look and boost your self-confidence any day anytime! 


At the top of our list is a diamond stud earing! We are not sure there is any jewelry that beats the timelessness and sophistication of this simple piece. Studs stand out as they are suitable for several occasions; work, meetings and even cocktail hangouts. We propose you these beautiful pieces by Brillianteers 

Classic Round in White Gold 0.40ct(0.80cttw)  $1,249.00

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Diamonds by Yard Earnings 

Tiffany $1,300 


Watches are even more functional than you may think, they stand as jewelry and a functional device especially during work outs and exercises. Watches add that dash of class and grandeur to your outfit and personality. Either for casual wear or sophisticated, when Choosing which watch to buy, we advise you go for timeless brands like Cartier and Rolex 

Cartier Tank Solo Watch $2,480,

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 $5,300. 


How would you love wearing your rings? On all fingers, double on each finger or you would rather wear your single finger ring, a pinkie maybe? Either ways you still need to wear a beautiful metal on your finger to represents your person and a single beautiful piece will do the magic.  Check these pieces that will suit for any occasion; J.Hannah Rectangle Inlay Signet(mother-of-pearl)

J.Hannah $395,

Prounis Duo Band $3,800  


You would never go wrong with right necklace on the right outfit. Did you pearl strands are the most generational jewelry pieces? Its timelessness has made families to pass on their beautiful pieces to their loved ones and this is why you should get you a precious pearl strand necklace.  Gold chain necklaces too never go out fashion and will add some class and sophistication to your look. Having the right neckless in your jewelry box will give you some sense of confidence and tranquility. Which of these are you buying?


Just one glittering bracelet around your arm will create a very delightful sight of it. Create an impressive first impression with right jewelry on your arm. Bracelets are a great add to your out fit as it brightens up your appearance and how you are being perceived.  We have a few proposals for you from best sellers around the world.